Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Boo is in Love!

When daughter Kieran stays overnight at her mothers apartment, her BFFF (Best Friend Forever Feline) Boo gets quite distraught.
You can tell it's love 'cause whenever he sees her his eyes start to roll around and his paws go straight up and kneed in the air. Normally, his main drive in life is waiting for her to sit do
wn so her can hop on her lap or waiting for her to go to bed so he can curl up next to, on top of, or even under her for the evening. But, on those Kieranless nights I've become used to hearing odd howling as he goes from room to room, braying as if he has a mouthful of something. The first time I thought he had a mouse, but I've learned to expect something quite different. In the morning I'll wake up to find, sometimes up to a half dozen, of Kierans clothes deposited at the bedroom door. I can only assume he's frantically saying, "She's missing! These are her things! For God's sake, Person Who Opens My Cat Food, follow her scent and find her!"

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