Saturday, April 2, 2011

METALS! Part 1

I've thought about posting this High School art project before, but as soon as I actually look at it again and am reminded of it's, it's... quality.
I howl in horror and drop it like plutonium back in the files.
The whole Boulder High art class had to make their own album. I drew upon my impeccable taste in music, REO Spe
edwagon, Toto, Kiss, and Thor (anyone remember Thor?) to create... METALS!
The cover. The cover... a little gay? A whole lot gay? 4 shirtless guys (possibly without pants too for all I know), holding their stiff rods in the air. As a possible explanation of what I might have been thinking of, you have to understand, I drew Conan the Barbarian a lot at that age. A muscular sweaty guy clad only in a loincloth swinging his sword, so ... oh, forget it!
Also, that blonde guy is supposed to be me.
I'm now speaking from under the table where I'm hiding.
"You mean, from in the closet!" Ha! Ha! Ha! Good one! Not!

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