Sunday, September 4, 2011


Speaking of worship, my favorite "faith healer" was Ernest Angley who I watched religiously (Zing! I still got it!) as he plied his trade on the UHF dial many years ago. Sadly, I don't see any YouTube clips I could pass along, so let me recreate this one from memory.
Ernest in a baby blue leisure suit with his foot high tar black wig sitting like a carved boulder atop his head, rubs his palm on a
followers ear.
"Lord, repair the eardrum. Repair the eardrum! Thou deaf sprits …(shrieking) COME OUT-AH!!!!! (whips his hand off the gentleman's ear)"
Snaps his fingers by the persons deaf ear (his other ear was fine).
"Can you hear this?"
"uh?" replied the healed.
"Repeat after me. BAY-BEE (that's "baby" fyi)"
"ba-be?" replied the still healed (guessing he heard it through the other ear).

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  1. I so remeber the whole:

    EA: Sayahhhh, BAY-bee-ah
    Affilicted: BAHba
    EA: Sayahhhh, BAY-BEE-ah
    A: BAHBA
    EA: Sayahhhh, BAY-BEE-AH!
    A: BAHby
    EA: It's a mer-IC-hal! Praise-ah Ge-sess!