Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Chicago September 1977!

What are some of the fun things you could be doing 34 years ago in the windy city this month?
If you're fancy, you could attend The Theatre! The 3 best options (in my opinion), Vincent Price in "Diversions and Delights", Mickey Rooney in "Hide and Seek" or The Amazing Kreskin doing his mind-bending show!

Relax at the movies!

For those with a yen for higher learning, you could be putting your nose to the textbooks! Meet my pal Joe, who, like me, is Awkward Family Photo worthy!
Who's in the mood for a Snow White sandwich?!
Staying home and watching tv!
Still staying home and watching tv!
You could be buying a used car from Frank while resisting the urge to adjust your television (kids, before cable, tv's had atennas attached to 'em. You had to move those two skinny poles around to get clear reception. If your tv didn't come in, the screen would resemble Mr. Bolea's jacket. I wish I could make topical references. Save alot of typing)!
If you were cool, you would be buying a used car from WVON's Joe Cobb AND get a "grand in the hand". My favorite part, you got a personally signed photo of the radio superstar too, who, for some reason, he signs his name in quotation marks. Is that what happens when you reach a certain celebrity plateau?
Just wondering!
Best Wishes,

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