Sunday, September 25, 2011

Chicago Sights!

Whenever I've jogged south of the homestead, I usually pass Kim's Photo on Lawrence and admire their wares. They're meticulous on updating the window displays every 30 years, whether it needs it or not!

Also, Kim's Photo has a Very Important Sunday message for all of us. Like me, you might have been brainwashed by the white devil into thinking the last supper was held at a "white's only" country club.
Prepare to have your ever lovin' mind blown!

Kid's photos, who doesn't love 'em?!
I've had my children for a combined total of 29 years and I've accumulated DOZENS of pics of those two scamps. But Kim's Photos showed me the difference between Professional and Amateur, because not ONE of mine is of the heartfelt "giant baby washed up on shore" motif!

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  1. Love the baby photo. Its like the Ringu of baby photos. Amazing,