Thursday, May 27, 2010

Save Our School Part 2

Visions of throwing the first rock to start the riot, having fire hoses turned on us, covering my face to avoid the teargas fumes or getting all hippie putting flowers in the barrels of policemen's rifles were much more glamorous than the reality of sitting and waiting hours for our turn at the podium. "Public Participation Day" is when regular folk get up and vent. Most on the printed agenda succinctly describe their topic, such as "School Budget" or "School Testing" while other, more excitable folks write, "I need copies of the emails I sent. I will seek legal consul because principal did not not want to discuss my child's grades (it went on for 3 more sentences)" or "Exacting the nature of CPS's budget problems is lies, damn lies!" I was glad to have a front row seat!
While waiting we went through the letters the students made for the decision makers to help the cause and, of course, whatever kid's do is always worth a look. A student continues on the second page with the plea, "I don't want our school to be filled up with kids!"

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