Saturday, May 15, 2010

Safe and Sound!

Safe and Sound!
Little dopy Skittles (an indoor cat wandered off last night through an accidentally open backdoor. If it were Boo (the other cat), we would have searched, but remained pretty confident that he'd come back on his own. Not so with Skittles. Hours of scouring the neighborhood (Kieran took Boo out on a leash after having him sniff a Skittles used cat brush with instructions to track her down), posting "lost" flyers and shouting for, what most folks must have assumed at 11pm, delicious candy treats, resulted in seeing 2 other cats and 5 dogs. None of them were helpful with information. Kieran set up a box with favorite blanket (sharpied on the top was "Skittles! Come Home!!!"). Sad kids were put to bed by a sad dad.
Did I give away the ending with the "Safe and Sound" lead in? Yes, at midnight a little mewing ball of fluff strolled in as pretty as you please when I took a last look out the back.
I resisted kicking her in the pants.
As Kieran wrote on the flyer, "She's not very smart, but we love her a lot!"

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