Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Classic Mitch!

I had the attic room for my studio when I moved from living with my Mom in Boulder Colorado to my Dad's place in Chicago. This was a perspective assignment (think I screwed up on the 2nd tom drum) done during my 3 semesters at the great American Academy of Art. You can see I was into (badly) copying the brush line feel of one of my favorite artists JC Leyendecker.
That's me with (sob) beautiful locks of golden curls and my favorite cat ever, Macho (RIP), on the drawing table I still have. Got my Lynda Barry t-shirt on while working' on some comic art. On my right (file under fun fact) the mannequin that 15 years later turned into-
My first "cool" signature adorns this piece (lower right) done when I was a wee 'lil 20 year old. My self produced fanzine "Lollapalooza" that ran 5 issues is on the floor to my left. On the upper right was a very cool tv installed right in the wall, sadly, nonworking. Had my bedroom right down the stairs.
Good times!

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  1. Love the KISS poster on the wall! I also had it...came inside the DYNASTY album. Very cool, Mitch!