Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Panelists Gallery Show!

KRK Ryden asked me to be part of a group show, "The Panelists" a couple years back. The idea was that each artist gets a huge comic panel (mine is 3 feet wide) to illustrate. When they're all hung up and fit together you get a complete story to enjoy! I said yes, but then started going through a very unpleasant divorce (yes, I'll bellyache 'till the end of time) and found myself unable to work for a few months. KRK replaced me after I apologized profusely. Luckily the show is now on tour and KRK needed me to replace someone else who's piece wasn't available. I was happy to get a chance to make up for not following through the first time. It opens this Friday (details below) and my section is drying as I type. I know KRK is sweating profusely putting this together, so now he can relax that mine is finally done!

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