Thursday, May 27, 2010

Save Our School Part 1

When walking to school with Kieran, fellow parent Lori Biskup asked me if I were going to join the group going downtown to attend the monthly school board meeting. You see, we're in danger of Peterson School's budget being cut (best school EVER!), so her husband John was going to address the board members (he's against cutting school funding in case you were wondering where our interests lie) and they needed as big a posse around him to make it look like we got it goin' on. I gave a non answer of, "What time are you leaving?" and Lori said the bus left at 9am. I was dressed for a jog and had been really looking forward to doing battle with my belly of jelly. I started the run but then that damnable "do the right thing" started to kick in. I went home, showered (you're welcome) and joined my fellow protesters.
Don't think you've won love handles, this is just a brief reprieve!

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