Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Religion Week Continues!

Robert Tilton was one of my favorite TV preachers, mainly because of his amazing massive "send me money" mailings. I still have dozens of the poster sized mailings from the '90's, always involving some sort of gameboard paths to follow, boxes to check, stickers to apply, envelopes to seal and put under your pillow or bury in your back yard, etc., but ALWAYS to be mailed back with an offering. It was like a weekend craft project.He's a sample of one of 'em. You put a 'lil "fingerprint" paste-it over the box of what miracle you want God to dish out for you.
The highlight?
The icon for "Wisdom" is Tilton himself.
The show he had then involved some sort of sermon, healings ,then asking for money. His most recent show is/was "Hour of Power" (I think). Since he can't do the healings (guessing the FCC stepped in) and dropped the sermon, the show is him in front of some computer generated Roman pillar background JUST asking for money.
He's amazing!
Bought to you by Best Church of God who invite ya'll to their upcoming Chicago Sunday the 4th service!

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