Sunday, March 7, 2010


I went to the recent Shag show at Rotofugi here in Chicago and picked up his documentary dvd, "The Sophisticated Misfit". I have a very low tolerance for my contemporaries that are successful, so most of my time was spent mumbling swears while waving my bourbon, but when I came to the scenes filed in 2006 at the late great DVA gallery I suddenly stopped my belly aching. It turns out I have a very high tolerance for gazing at myself! My comments now changed to, "How insightful", "How charming" and, of course, "How handsome!". It made my $25 purchase well worth it!
(as a minor aside - josh is a great artist his newest paintings unveiled at rotofugi have pushed his work to a whole new creative high he's been kind enough to purchase my art and trade me for his he's also personally as nice as can be)
God, was that painful to write!

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