Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mitch Gives Back!

The Ann Arbor Skateboard Art Show will be auctioning off a bunch of handpainted decks in order to help fiance a brand new skatepark (my contribution is below held by professional model Leo... that's pose #24a from the Professional Model Handbook!).
To find out more check out Liz Sullivan and her A2 shop, Vault of Midnight!
Before I get requests to donate more crap for other skateparks... Stop!
I don't care!
The sidewalk in front of 7-11 or the highway was good enough for me as a wholesome skateboarding youth, so building fancy pants "environments" for today's chain smoking, elderly beating delinquents is not even a blip on my "to do" list.
I'm only contributing 'cause Facebook/Real Life pal Will Lovick asked. Will kept me in money during middle school having me draw all the X-Men for him at $2 apiece. He also fronted me $90 to take out a full page ad in The Comic Buyers Guide for my fanzine Lollapaloosa. I promised I'd pay him right back.
"Right Back" is such a non-specific term (hopefully he's forgotten).

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