Monday, March 29, 2010

The Tribute Tables Are Turned!

And another thing about the weaker sex...
Mitch's typing is interrupted!
Bang! Bang!
"Who's that knocking?"
He opens the door to see a gaggle of clucking women, dressed in tanktops sporting unshaven armpit hair all wearing workbooks and half in toolbelts!
"Woman libbers!" he shrieks! "I've passed your type at the democrat polling booth on my way to vote correctly!"
"We've had it with your demeaning "tribute" to women week! We think something else is going on here... maybe JEALOUSLY?!"
"Wha?" a nervous Mitch shakily replies, "I have no idea what your t-talking about!"
"Sisters! Check under his mattress!"
The uninvited guests quickly discover Mitch's hidden "library"!

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