Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Beautiful Music!

Females, when you think of Mitch you think "All Man", sinewy muscle laden arms, chest hair you could loose a family of 5 in and piercing green eyes that can read what he would like to imagine are all your innermost thoughts and desires, right? Of course! But under those manly attributes, like being able to change a flat tire, in theory, if given enough time and the ability to kill small insect pests, except centipedes, 'cause those things are just way too icky, there's a side that not too many people ever know, except now for you, his special ladies. In Mitch's bedroom, in 6 glass cabinets, rest his collection of over 500 music boxes. Can you imagine the beautiful music they make when all 500 are wound? Why you can hardly hear Mitch's woman du jour firmly saying, "Please let me outta here!"

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