Tuesday, December 24, 2013

RIP Chicago's Lincoln Resturant!–

The Lincoln Resturant. It's been around 50 years (vintage postcard above), but most famous for the first place Alyson and I first went out for dinner. Sadly, business has apparently dipped for the rich wood paneled, red leathered, cozy neighborhood eatery, and that means you have about a week left to take advantage of what a local restaurant should be. I frequently saw the big Lincoln head sign while driving down Lincoln Ave, but only a year ago actually paid attention when noticing the "Banjo Night Monday" poster in the window. I found that oddly humorous and intriguing and tried to entice the kids into going with me. They didn't instantly realize the appeal of "Banjo Night Monday," but time wore them down, and it soon became THE family favorite place for a sit down dinner.
Look for a Dennys, Applebees or TGIF's at 4010 North Lincoln soon. 

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  1. Oh no! I am so sad to hear this, I use to live a few blocks away and went there often many years ago. Crap, another cool, old school place bites the dust. Thanks for the photos.