Friday, December 6, 2013

Britney Spears is Shocking! Nude! Whipping! Hot! Sex! Erotic! Etc!

In this months Rolling Stone!
I was asked to come up with a Britney Spears illustration to lead off the album review section and given a link to a new video of hers where's there's a bunch of B&D gals shimming around in rubber/leather bondage outfits (Don't look Grandma!).
Thought I'd go slightly humorous with some sweaty guys ogling her instead.
I was trying for a softer look than my usual chiseled pin-up paintings, so I kept a book of Vargas pin-ups open in front of me the whole time.
With practice, I think I can get up to 1/10 as good as Vargas.

Thanks to Art Director Matthew Cooley for the assignment!

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