Monday, December 2, 2013

John Waters Has Blessed Our Unborn Child!

I've always have been a fan of John Waters and caught his first 4 or 5 films at Chicago's Parkway revival theatre in the early 80s, and have watched every subsequent one as they came out (just ask to see my 3 saved Polyester Scratch and Sniff cards!).
I've been out in the audience a few times for his live speaking events, but thanks to the kind folks at Movieside Productions (who put on The Massacre, Sci-Fi Spectacular and Terror in the Aisles film shows that I've done the posters for- Alyson and I got to see him at the Chicago's intimate and beautiful City Winery ( on his Christmas tour last night, and, along with loving the show (Alyson is still sore from laughing), we got to be a little more up close and personal, 'cause a couple of backstage passes were generously slipped into our palms.

I've drawn John for the late great Tease magazine (b&w illos below) and most recently for a cover of the great (and not late) Rue Morgue magazine.
That image was also used for the "This Filthy World" tour, and, with an added Santa hat, on the cover of Boston Phoenix newspaper.
I whipped up another variation for the City Winey which resulted in free drinks for the table (I'm smart that way).
fyi, when you have the word "Winery" in your name, I recommend that you order some wine, because it is de-lic-ious (as is the food)!
I took advantage of the once in a lifetime meet and greet the extremely gracious and kind Mr. Waters by furiously snapping away to capture the moment as he and Alyson posed. Photographer Alyson (One and Done) O'Connell, wasn't quite so diligent, but through a little Photoshop magic I opened those eyes right back up.
Thanks to Movieside, City Winery and John Waters for a magical and memorable time!

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