Friday, December 13, 2013

Big Eyed Masterpieces!

The reason I'm qualified to do a poster for this amazing upcoming exhibit,
"Melancholy Menagerie," at the Fullerton Museum Center?
a) I'm a huge fan of Big-Eyed Art!
b) I already have my very own Big-Eyed museum (see below)!
c) Margaret and Walter Keane love me!
d) I've been painting and drawing Big-Eyed kids and cute Big-Eyed creatures forever
(a small sampling is also below)!
e) Who needs qualifications anyhow? I just went ahead and did it!

Margaret Keane herself has declared me the heir apparent, the next Big-Eyed Master, the only one to carry on the tradition, by lavishing the gushing praise
that I'm a "pretty good artist"!
OK- maybe I'm reading into it a little bit.
AND, if that weren't enough, the other half of the Big Eyed phenomena, Walter Keane (who it turns out was better at promotion than actual painting), has given me a flattering quote too! "You're Great- one of the best!" will be  milked until the end of time on ALL my self-serving publicity!

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