Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Turn it up to 11!
Art to make your ears ring and your eyes bleed!!

Some people think of art openings as fancy avant garde people sipping champagne, while quietly contemplating art, while violins play softly in the corner, at a high falutin gallery in a downtown loft... well NOT US!
Maximum Tattoo, located at 20594 N. Milwaukee Ave., Deerfield IL, the North Shore's premier tattoo studio, brings you an art event so loud, so cool, and so chock full of awesomeness, people will undoubtedly change their minds as to what an art event could and should be. The world's top pop and lowbrow artists will be participating in this group show using Heavy Metal music as their muse toiling away to make this show so memorable that you won't be able to stop from holding up your Bic lighter and swaying it back and forth (until the Fire Marshal tells you to stop doing that)!
It's an all day event December 11th, going from noon to10pm. There will be a Heavy Metal cake provided by Bleeding Heart Bakery, rock n roll bakery seen on the Food Network Channel, refreshments, prizes, surprises AND Phil and Beth will be doing something so RAD we simply cannot advertise it (hint, pick out a blank spot on your body before you arrive)!

Please keep up to date on the building excitement by following us at-

www.facebook.com/maximumtat2 and
www.maximumtattoostudio.com !

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