Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The 1000 Most Bizarre Batman Images EVER! NSFW!

Holy Batman!
My favorite comic book character, that I must have doodled 100s of times for the fun of it, from age 3 to now, started with religiously watching the Batman tv show as a pee wee, loving the insane Sheldon Modloff drawn comics of the 50s to 60s, eyeballing the Neal Adams illustrated comics of the late 60s, the Marshall Rogers comics of the 70s to taking my son to all the big screen incarnations of the caped crusader.
Obviously I'm not alone on this, and it seems many other folks have shown the love, and in many, many wonderfully offbeat ways.
And whenever I run across a extra crazy fun Batman inspired example,
you can bet your Batarang I'll be posting it here!

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Brace yourself for the 1000 (give me time) Most Baffling, Beautiful, Bizarre, Bosomy and Blue (as in Naughty) Batman (and friends) Photos EVER!
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  1. Wow! What a collection! I need to go take a nap after that. I hope I don't pull a boner!

  2. There are hidden subtexts within texts for children who know how to look.

  3. I recognize almost all of those. From my tumblr?
    I post your artwork with a link back.

  4. Great collection of pics. Many had me wondering, 'Holy Bat Shit'. Must have taken a long time to collect. Would have liked him showing big bulge, but all were GREAT.

  5. These were mostly sent to me by pals who know I love the wacky, so I don't know their origins. Feel free to post information about your similar blogs- happy to have whoever ends up here go visit ya'll too!

  6. I've been pruning down the images (and constantly adding). Realized some weren't wacky enough.
    With that headline, they'd better be all really strange!

  7. LOL at the Batgun

  8. Hi Mitch! The blue bat-whistle with the oddly-colored Batman came from my site:

    It's still one of my favorite pieces of off-model Batman merchandise!