Thursday, December 15, 2011

La la la!

My final year of being a Winter Fest chaperone! Every December (at LEAST 6 for me) the Peterson School choir is invited to perform at the Navy Pier Winter Fest Celebration, an enclosed football stadium sized chunk of the pier that's filled with rides, performers and an ice skating rink. The amazing Ms. Thomas lead singers belt out the holiday favorites on the main stage promptly at 11am, leaving the rest of the visit for fun. My job is to end the day with the same number of kids in my group that I started with. In today's case, 7. Mission accomplished! I started when Leo was a young choir member, then happily continued when Kieran carried the torch torch. Next year the little Miss will be leaving our local public school behind as she graduates to High School. The kids and I were blessed to luck into having such a wonderful place for them to have attended since Kindergarden! Go Panthers!

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