Saturday, November 12, 2011

Tart, the Gallery of the FUTURE! UPDATE!

How it all went down…

Four and a half hours away! My first "virtual" show at the Tart Gallery!
The gal in charge, Nicole Steen, has decked me out in some snazzy duds, which is just as well, because my desire to have my avatar nude was met with shrieks of "NOOOOOOOOOOO!" from my more prudent son. Also, my 'lil computer guy has a tendency to sashay and swish about, which is in sharp contrast to my real-life lumbering manly gait (only pausing in order to rip phone books in half). Ladies, please keep that in mind.
Saturday, November 12 · 1:00pm - 3:00pm
Tart Gallery in Secondlife
Created By
Nicole Steen
More Info
Tart Gallery is very proud to present...
for the first time in Secondlife....

Featuring the thrilling,titillating and rather twisted art
of the "Prince of Pop Art" American artist Mitch O' Connell.
Saturday November 12 1-3pm SLT
Artist in Virtual Attendance
Fun and fabulous tuneage by DJ Kookie Hax

Tart Gallery@Bloom County

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