Saturday, November 5, 2011

My Bad!

I've been kicked off Facebook for a day because of my Thanksgiving posting (
From now on, anything even SLIGHTLY naughty will be for your eyes only, my faithful 7 blog readers!
If I were you. I'd click on "follow" as to not miss a single thrill!


  1. You are lucky you were banned for just one day! I once posted a sexy French commercial (there was nothing porny about it) and Facebook permanently deleted my account. They even told me I was not allowed to ever create a new Facebook account! (one can do that, using a different email address). lol
    So yeah, no titties, ass (cracks), (sexy) backs, etc. Facebook regards that as "pornography". Well, this is America.

  2. I'm just keeping my head low!
    If they REALLY wanted to get picky, there are PLENTY more iffy pics in the thousands I have in my Facebook albums (go take a look)! :-)