Saturday, November 12, 2011


Y'Know- it's funny.
People of the future are going to look back to these days and shake their collective heads in wonderment. Back in the day when you could purchase a Mitch O'Connell original for less than the cost of a personal spacecraft!
"If I had one wish" Zork pines wistfully, "I'd go back in time to November 12th 2011 and arrive at the Harold Golen Gallery in Miami on 2294 North West 2nd Avenue, and buy ALL of the absurdly inexpensive Sir Mitchell O'Connell artwork!
"You'd be the most respected and revered man in all of the Tri-Planet area!" agreed Borlp.

Use these these words of wisdom and get to the Harold Golen Gallery TONIGHT! Your greatgreatgrandchildren will thank you!

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