Friday, November 18, 2011

Because I Care...

Like an all powerful loving God, I have waved my hand and made my sale continue for 2 MORE DAYS!
You now have until midnight Sunday to take advantage 1/2 off my giclee prints.
But I am not a merciful God.
I might smite those who ignore my kindness!

For the next couple of days, 50% off all M.O'C giclee prints!!!
16 by 20" were $110, now $55!
11 by 14" were $60, now $30!

How to do this...

Just ignore my website "checkout" and go directly to Paypal ( Send me the 1/2 off price total (my account is ""). In your note (that you can send with the payment) tell me what print(s) and size(s) you want.
No postage costs for the U.S of A.- everyone else, please add $10 (the $ goes to the post office, not me).
Then I'll mail 'em right off (with bonus extras). THX!

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