Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Memories!

I don't have any pictures of me in my homemade robot costumes from days long gone by, but I do have something better, son Leo in HIS homemade robot outfit (from days not quite as long gone by)!
Yes, my children have often had to deal with me reliving my childhood.
Instructions for you last minute costume makers? Get a cardboard box. Cut a hole on top. Spray paint it silver. Spend your time wandering the alleys looking for discarded mechanical objects (tv's, radios, computers) and (the fun part) smash them to bits. Once open, you can pull out their circuits 'n wires and glue 'em to your android torso.
Problem with this outfit is that we went a little too crazy with the attachments and it weighed about 20 pounds too much for Leo. He refused to wear it after about 2 blocks. Luckily, his shoulders were heavily padded to make wearing the box more comfortable, so he metamorphosed into a football player. More "bad news/good news"? At the next house the owner was hidden in the darkness of his porch and jumped out in some sort of monster outfit to give the kids candy. Leo burst into tears and ran away. He was slowly coaxed back (and also nudged along by me) by the now feeling bad monster who gave Leo the WHOLE family pack of chocolate candy bars. That successfully dried those tears.
Kieran went even one step further in the reliving my childhood thing. She had on my actual clown outfit from when I was her age (I've posted photos of it before. What HAVEN'T I posted pictures of before?!). It looks much cuter on her!

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