Thursday, October 20, 2011

Aluminum Awesomeness 2!

Now, you must know how things work at the O'Connell household. If I just read a book about covering things in aluminum foil (, what's going to happen next?
That's right! Making a fashionable outfit for our very, very lucky kitty kat, Skittles!
a) Get Skittles interested in the aluminum foil!

b) Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting the belle of the ball! The new-wave/punk queen! The Kitty ga-ga of Chicago! Ready to remove radioactive waste! First cat in outer space! Wishing she lived with normal people!
c) Skittles lulls us by going lip and unmoving until we look away for a split second, then ZAP, like Houdini, she breaks free of our wonderful gift! Now we only have her aluminum foil wrapped tail to remind us of those good times. Plus, if we keep her next to the radio we get amazing reception!

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