Sunday, October 23, 2011

Buy My Shit (please)!

Now you can always refer to this one blog when the urge strikes to purchase M.O'C collectibles!
I've grown accustomed food and shelter over the years. Won't you help to continue to spoil me?

Three books from Chronicle!
Amazing Jewelry from Kitsch 'n Couture!
Direct From the Man Himself! Flash! Posters! Giclee Prints and MORE!

Now go break out that credit card!

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  1. You can tell this Blog is important by the increased size of the type!
    You may now pass this link to 100 people. That'll be 361,500 recipients, Then if they pass it along to 100… before you know it I'll be able to hire someone to write all my hilarious Blog quips!
    Hammock, here I come!