Monday, January 3, 2011

Flea Market Foto Finds!

Coming across interesting family photos is memorable for a couple reasons. It's like glancing into someones well lit living room as you stroll by in the evening. Where do they put the tv? What art do they like? I didn't think that lovemaking position was possible! Also, you wonder why/how they were discarded. Doesn't any family member want them? Baby snapshots, Christmas pictures, graduation polaroids, wedding photos (well, I can see why you might want to drop those), someones whole life in a shoe box for 25 cents apiece or $10 for 'em all. But these examples of a young Al Rodney Beanton (sic?) are especially intriguing. I immediately felt sympathy for the 'lil feller and an urge to take him under my wing 'cause he looks like the kinda guy that got picked on in school (and possibly became one of those them there internet billionaires). But who knows? Maybe he went on to a career of making lampshades out of hundreds of truckstop hookers.
If anyone has an idea of where Al's at nowadays, I've got some photos for him.


  1. Regrettably, my hunch that it was "Blanton" found the answer:

    That's the downside of found photos. I've got hundreds of photos of a family of four from Toccoa, GA, stretching from their first kid's birth in 1969 up through the early '90s, and I can find no trace of them anywhere on the internet whatsoever. I also have a great photobooth strip of two teen-age girls grinning and flipping the bird at the camera that I've removed from Flickr at the request of one's sister, who told me she died of cancer in 2004. I don't know which is sadder- the mystery or the one where I know how the story ends.

  2. Thanks for the detective work!
    RIP Al!