Sunday, January 9, 2011

B-Fest! 24 Hours of Bad Movies!

B-Fest. Northwestern Universities annual 24 hours of bad movies event.
I've been attending this hallucinogenic hodgepodge of the horrible since year one, aka 1981. B-Fest historians (there is such a thing) suggest that is was not held in '93 (and I sure can't remember), but if it was, this will be my 30th anniversary of sitting on my rear end drifting in and out of sleep while films such as, "The Crawling Eye", "Invasion of the B Girls", "Corpse Grinders", "Robot Monster", "Troll 2", "Gymkata" and "Terror of Tiny Town" flicker before my bloodshot eyes. Mix in equal servings of Chuck Norris, William Shatner and Godzilla, add a dash of sleep depravation, the smell of midnight pizzas being delivered to hungry film lovers lining the floors in sleeping bags, a cup of impromptu continuous quips shouted at the already humorous silly cinema, a sprinkling of thousands of paper plates (no Chinet please) sailing in the auditorium air whenever one is spotted onscreen in "Plan 9 From Outer Space" and a side dish 20 showings of the short, "The Wizard of Speed and Time" played forward, backward and upside down and you'll have just a small taste just of what it's all about. The goal? To stagger triumphantly out of the Norris Center at 6pm Saturday having nobly survived.
So what?
My son will be doing the whole 24 hours this year (he's slept at home during the wee hours in the past) while Kieran will be joining us Saturday morning just in time for the breakfast break to watch the rest. Now that seemingly 6 food courts, 20 vending machines (and who knows what other easy livin' luxuries) have sprung up in the University hallways since the ancient barren beginning years, the kids always have something else to do if they haven't yet built up the tolerance their old man has.
And speaking of old... yes, I'm the only person that has attended every single year.
And yes, it is proper (and required) to salute if you cross my path this January 28th and 29th!

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