Monday, January 17, 2011

And Now… Beautiful Dreamland!

Posting all those pics of the "Tura! Tura! Tura!" show brings back even more memories!
Let's hop in the Wayback machine and set he dial for about 2 years back. The room is spinning, I'm going out of focus... Poof!
Don't ever fall asleep (aka pass out) anywhere near a member of my family! After a whole week of having Tura Satana in town, dinners out, the Music Box movie screening, the biggest gallery opening ever, sleeping 3 hours a night, I sat down to relax with a generous gin and 7-Up (that's why my right hand is cupped next to my crotch, in case you were wondering), and instantly went to dreamland. Son Leo with the encouragement visiting best pal Brian Johnson, had apparently a terrific time with the kind of hurtful humor that I find definitely NOT funny. OK, I did find it pretty funny! At the tail end of this fun filled mocking, apparently thinking that there was a remote chance I might be faking, my #1 son held a giant black sharpie under my nose threatening to give me a Groucho mustache. I obviously didn't respond, and they just couldn't bring themselves to rise to that level of cruelty. I wonder in their position if I would have had the same level of restraint? One day we might find out!

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  1. PS I can't blame them for everything, I was ALREADY wearing the pink hat (it's quite warm and I am a fashion trendsetter y'know)!
    Which reminds me…
    More Pink Hat memories from a few years back…
    The joke is on me (as always)! We have a 2 foot tall pink faux fur hat that I bought for daughter Kieran (that was my excuse). She has the good taste not to wear it, but it's still is hanging around feeling quite at home among the other kitsch krap I've dragged through our front door. It's usually only used when I'm walking to school with Leo (the 12 year old). I'll put on that pink fuzzy frightwig as we walk out waiting for him to shriek in horror. I'll respond as if I have no idea what he's talking about then he'll chase me down the street trying to snatch it off. Yesterday I took Leo to school early 'cause of band practice so I only had 9 year old Kieran to accompany for the regular 8:10 am stroll. I popped the halloween horror on telling her I had to wear the warmest headgear we had 'cause it was so cold outside (I only have so many comedy routines). After about 10 minutes of yelling at her to put on her gloves, brush her teeth (not in that order), get her lunch money, etc., I forgot I had it on. We slammed the door behind us and started off. After we made it about 4 blocks, kitty corner from the school, I noticed my reflection in a store window and let out a huge "Yelp!". I immediately snatched it off my head and asked Kieran, "I was talking to you the whole way, why didn't you tell me I still had it on?!". "I didn't notice." she replied. So much for teasing. I guess a giant pink 10 gallon fuzzy fedora is way down the list of why my kids should be embarrassed by yours truly.