Friday, January 14, 2011

Mitch Gives Back! Part Two!

Looked up "Chicago City News", the best stocked newsstand around and found they opened at 7am, and Stapes at 8am. Drove the kids to school, then bought a stack of Bears/football magazines then hit Stapes right at 8 and had it all printed up (I only have a b&w printer).
Why do all this preparation when you're on a crazy deadline? Because nothing is worse than spending time redrawing something over and over again that will never improve because you have no idea of what you're supposed to be doing in the first place. For me, I have to know, as best as possible, what I'm interpreting really looks like. If I were Norman Rockwell, I'd be so meticulous that I'd have my personal photographer do a shoot with the actual Bears I was illustrating in full uniform standing in Soldiers Field (and then do a photo perfect painting from them). Or I could be crazy off the cuff doodling genius like Jack Davis, who, legend tells, would dash off multiple finished Time Magazine covers from the top of his heads in the waiting room after having been given the particulars instead of bothering going home. Unfortunately I don't have either of those gentlemen's talents.
9 am. 12 hours to go!
Boy those hours go by quickly! By 2pm, and having only drawn 3 of the figures, I realized I had better start sprinting. Close enough was good enough.

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