Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Thrill of It All!

Thinking about how thrilling/glamorous it would be to hang with me? Seem exciting?
Not really.
Ask my kids.
Just have whoever you're with repeat these "hilarious" moments EVERY SINGLE freakin' DAY until you break.
At breakfast with Leo and Kieran, I will hold the coffee mug in 2 hands, take a sip, and in a very meaningful/intense way go, "Mmmmm, that's good coffee!"
Whenever we drive past the "Cars for Kids" (donate you car and $ made goes to charity) billboard I will proclaim, "I don't think kids should drive!"
When I see the restaurant "The Fish Keg" on Howard, I wistfully pine, "Fish Keg... take me away!".
If a phrase uttered strikes me as interesting, I will quip, 'The new hit single from Leo/Kieran..." or 'Tomorrow's Afterschool Special...." Recent examples include "I don't like sweet pickles!", "The celery is limp!", "Stop touching me!" and "No one calls it a Linen Closet!".
At checkout when purchasing groceries with the kids, I will put up my hand in the "stop" mode at them and announce, "I got this!".

Scared straight?

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