Sunday, September 26, 2010

Osaka 13!

Osaka Assault!
At first blush, the promised "Robot Wars"at Bakuto Osaka 2010 seemed slightly less than impressive. One cool looking red coned topped creation that barely moved but could shoot ping pong balls, a frail arm flaying contraption (frail because most of the arms flew off due to the flaying), a never budging lawnmower thang and a guy inside a decked out go-cart. Seeing his little Flintstone feet furiously scoot the half working motorized machine around, in my mind, kinda took him off the official "robot" list.
On second blush, finding out those were golf balls, not ping pong balls being blasted around AND it shot out flames AND the black go cart was equipped with two working nail guns AND the fact that the unprotected crowd was only a few feet away from the ricochetting death projectiles, well, that DEFINITELY made it a WAR!

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