Thursday, April 22, 2010

While In Chicago...

Speaking of women, this time specifically of the lovely variety, I recommend The Belmont Burlesque Revue hosted by Jack Midnight. Saturday nights at midnight put your rear end down at The Playground Theatre @ 3209 N. Halsted here in Chicago and prepare to be rib tickled and titillated!
FYI I hate to disagree with the medical profession, but apparently medication and liquor DO mix! A year or so back while on a heaping helping of antidepressants (divorce), I was also washing them down that particular evening with a little what have you. I passed out within a minute of the show starting and Jack (aka
ofile.php?id=100000527558527&ref=ts) took the oppurnitity to serenade my unconscious body with a couple 'ol Blue Eye standards. I wish I had a tape!
PS Long off the prescriptions and have remained quite alert for every Belmont Burlesque show since!

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