Saturday, April 3, 2010

Flea Market Finds!

Salute to Religion Week continues! Again, sponsored by Best Church of God. See them at 1pm this Sunday at the Lakeshore Theatre right here in Chicago!
Ladies often ask me, "Oh my, you must lift weights! Can I feel your biceps?"
and "What motivates you to get so much amazing works of art done?"
I answer (to the second question), "My credit card bill!"
Then we laugh and laugh and make love. Good times!
But another motivation is what seems to be staring down my neck every second I'm hunched over the drawing table in my studio. That nagging feeling is accompanied by the whispers of, "Keep that pencil movin'!", "You call that a good drawing?!" and "Keep workin' my friend or your ass'll be mighty toasty sittin' in eternal hellfire!"

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