Thursday, April 1, 2010

Religion Week Continues!

A kindred decorating soul is Alex Jordan, the swingin' mastermind who constructed the worlds largest bachelor pad basement and christened it "The House On The Rock".
Imagine you had kitschtastic taste and collected everything there was. Then you bought everything there was and put it a giant secret hideout. That's The House!
My secret gang hideout as a kid had one Playboy magazine I swiped from my dad. "The House On The Rock" has the Playboy Bunny Angels, and never has Heaven looked so good, Good, GOOD!
Literally 100s of full sized '60's mannequins hang from the cavernous ceiling beaconing you to their come hither heavenly delights. Now, I have a few vintage mannequins and I KNOW they don't come with pert pink nipples :-(. That little devil Alex (God bless him) must have spent many a night with some sculpey and a paintbrush bringing his vision (and all right thinking American males) to life.
THIS is the way to convert souls!

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