Monday, August 5, 2013

Thrift Store Scores!

Kieran and I dropped off 9 big Hefty bags full of stuff to the Salvation Army, which means we're also going to be taking some stuff home with us!
Most of the purchases were Kierans "Back to School" outfits. And unless one of her classmates actually attended Nonie's 90th Birthday party, Kieran will have a very distinctive t-shirt!

Yes, I'm the only one that's bought these for myself.

You can't beat a hand-drawn Love-Is!

I thought it was "Artists"!

I'm not good picking up on clues, so the arrow will be very helpful around the house.

What does this even mean?!

We have a new friend (who I'm guessing will be walking around the house while we sleep and stop to stare at our dreaming faces).

Next stop, buying the cactus!

I have a new studio tv (the ultra cool "Spacemaker")!
It gets 2 stations, one religious and one "The U."
This is a big timesaver, because in the living room I have to go through 100's of channels to find that nothing is on. With this, I only have to go through 2.

From the late 80s series of "Lil Televanglist" figurines.

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