Sunday, August 18, 2013

Flea Market Finds!

I love the carnival/sideshow spirit, so I ponied up the 4 bits
to support an fellow entrepreneur set up at Wolffs Flea Market.
He suggested I photograph the gaff (and tell my friends)-
otherwise I never would have given away the surprise!

A dollar well spent!

I heart the crazy pink abstract fur twirl brushstrokes on this velvet masterpiece!

This was Alyson's way of spelling out the good/bad news.

Like a solar eclipse, it's huge,
and you can't look at it directly without melting your retinas.

Sadly, the Richard half of the "Carpenters" doll couple seems to missing his guitar,
otherwise it would have been hard to resist bringing them home.

Satan has started a new line of children's playthings.
So if you've already named your son Damien, these might be just right!

I constantly have to explain to the kids that their new fangled ipad/ipod/xbox/imax/streaming/downloadable whatnots can't hold a candle to the exciting games we had when I was young!

You'd think a stack of a hundred 70s porn newspapers for $40 would be a must buy-
but they were surprisingly bland inside.
Now I'll never know how to avoid tit's putting me in the hospital- but while I'm there,
maybe they can do something about my frostbitten balls!

The upside- you find a painting with strange fanged creatures bitting
each others heads off while a floating eyeball watches everything.
The downside- it's $6.
Wait a minute- there is no downside!

Finding that these didn't come in a 32 waist and 34 length was
probably one of the saddest days of my life.

As soon as the Gorilla Glue dries under my new hood ornament,
I'll be driving around town with the windows down and 97.9 cranked up.
Because I'm cool.

String Art.
People think painting in oils is the only true way of creating a masterpiece.
Well I just proved them wrong!

After I got home I realized we only have two showers.
I guess I'll have to live with tension, soreness and frustrations.

This seemed to remind me of some upcoming event.
Hmmmmmmm…. I'm drawing a blank.
Give me a minute- it'll come to me!

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