Thursday, August 22, 2013

Spread Your Wings and Fly!

Yesterday was moving #1 son into his dorm room and a day of welcoming activities at North Park University.
Luckily for me, the sting is not too painful since he's only a mile or two away, but he's raring to blaze a trail of individuality (which doesn't involve a Dad telling him to mow the lawn).
Kieran, Leo and I did extensive checklist shopping (Jewell, Dollar Store, Target, Bed, Bath and Beyond and the Salvation Army), Leo rounded up his favorite possessions, (including a stuffed pirana, 4' stack of books, sketchpads, and best t-shirts) and the three of us lugged it all to North Park.
Leo's floor at Anderson Hall is designated "The Spot" (see attached photo), his roommate seems great and, in fact, EVERYONE we met was top-notch.
Kieran had a great time decorating, but by hour two of the orientation session she started feverishly writing notes that were helpfully dangled in front of my face, including, "Why am I here?, dis boring, I ain't no parent, u should have told me this was going to happen, I'm serious, I don't want to be here, ugh, gimmie 2.25 for the bus", and about 87 more. I set her free before the opening convocation, which I'm sure would have driven her off the edge.
Leo and hung out until the big picnic BBQ, but since it was just hamburgers, the vegan offspring went to his room to prepare for the week of special activities (my personal highlights would be, Speed Friending, Ice Cream Break, River Dance Party, Navy Park Fireworks, Viking Fair and ... wait for it... Continental Breakfast!).
Before we parted, a manly "I love you" and hug was exchanged, wishes for a great and productive life, and a request to drop the old man a postcard every once in awhile. 
I got home and wistfully watered the lawn for awhile until I head the front door slam and a teen male voice exclaim, "I'm hungry!"
The three of us got takeout Chinese.

Family and Friends Care Packages can be sent to:
Leo O'Connell
North Park University
Anderson Hall Rm #302
3225 West Foster Avenue
Chicago, IL 60625-4895

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  1. Congrats! that looks like one awesome dorm!!! have a great first year of college Leo... and Mitch your one lucky dad!