Sunday, August 25, 2013

I've Been Bad!

A public apology to Stellar Corpses and their fans!
I've done them a disservice for reusing an altered section of a painting they commissioned for their cd "Dead Stars Drive-In" as an online promotional image for a local one night movie scr
eening at the McHenry Drive-In.
This art is quite important to them and I was completely incorrect for using it for something else and they're completely correct to be unhappy about it.
Even though it was just done as a favor for my friend who puts on the film shows (ie- no $ was paid), I'm still 100% wrong.
I've learned my lesson!
Now please go buy their cd and "like" them on Facebook as I start the process of getting back in their good graces! 
Their Facebook page-
The cd on Amazon-

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