Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My 3-Year Old Could Paint That!

Had a fun family trip to the MCA, lovely place, free Tuesdays, nice folks, great bookstore- but- I'm often fascinated by the art that's shown. As in, "Why is it being shown?". I know it's a tired cliche to think this, and I would love to be pals with the MCA curator to have a friendly and informative chat over the subject at lunch (and to offhandedly mention that if they have a free hallway I have a bunch of Mitch O'Connell paintings to fill it up).
Even if I don't understand whatever value the pieces might have (which I express is pithy humorous dismissive asides to lucky fellow museum patrons within earshot), I know they're doing at least one thing right, their art is in the MCA and mine isn't.

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