Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Flea Market Fun!

I spent Sunday at Elkhorn in far off Wisconsin. It started off awkwardly as much fun was made at my expense just because I happened to be wearing the same outfit as one of the first items for sale.
Helen Reddy has a wonderful announcement for all my Blogger friends!

A pair of actually very cool big frames that seem to be modeled after '50s cinema Vista-Vision 'cause the image curves like a giant movie screen. They'll soon be "Now Showing" wedding photos!

I felt a little nostalgic finding this wee football player. He reminded me of my younger quarterback days at the clothing optional college.

It's part of (I'm guessing) a homemade lawn game, and since it reminded me of Alyson, I shelled out the $5.
Love has no price!

I found a Birthday gift for Kewpie lovin' Alyson (don't tell her!). The downside is that it seemed to inspire a series of very unpleasant dreams for me last night.

If I have one regret in all my years, it's not purchasing this 6' tall Billy Ray Cyrus wall clock. My heart is still achy-breaky! 

Something was missing over the mantlepiece.
No longer!
This craft pebble 3-D Burt Reynolds inspired piece of fine clown art would be the dream find of every interior decorator- but I got there first!

By hour 4 of walking among 4000 fellow flea shoppers in the bright sunny heat I was feeling the same way- or maybe he was just lamenting that no one loved him enough to take 'em home- but my advice to anyone feeling down in the dumps-
Hang in there!
…umm, not literally of course.

I was quite intrigued from a distance thinking it read "Fist Clown."
Wasn't quite as shocking after I put on my reading glasses.

Especially appropriate for Pride Day, I spied Gabe Kaplan relaxin' pantless with an unnamed gentlemen in a vendors booth.
I just kept walking.

If I had purchased this, I would have owned the complete output of the 70s Amy Carter merchandising craze.

You run across lots of spooky dolls at the flea markets, and I've seen my fair share of extra scary eyeball lacking ones, but never have I pulled one out of a box to find it's also covered in creepy crawly insects.
I'm pretty sure I'm now officially haunted.

Found one of the incredibly rare Matchbox "Jayne Mansfield" cars from 1967. Due to protests, it was taken almost immediately off store shelves. I agree, it's completely tasteless and shame on anyone who would exploit her tragic death!

You're pretty much tripping over the lifesize Golden Girl Estelle Getty dolls at any flea market, but I still have a soft spot in my heart for 'em. I think just about every young gal had this toy sensation in the 80s!

Walking the whole morning at Elkhorn can
burn off up to 1000 calories.
Which means you can eat guilt free at all the healthy fair options.

At the new fangled fair restrooms the urinals squirt water on your privates when you use 'em.
Oddly, they didn't seen to have any sinks.

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