Sunday, July 7, 2013

MORE Flea Market Adventures!

Poked around Wolffs Flea Market this am.
Here are some of the exciting sights and sounds you missed.
Don't you feel silly now for not getting up at 5 on Sunday?

I took this one home. Now I have a secret place for all my pornography. NO TRESPASSING! KEEP OUT!

A heartfelt tribute to the American Indians took $2 out of my pocket.

You want a sexy mouth-watering calendar? You got it!

ATTENTION! If you see any merchandising of my likeness- it is WITHOUT MY PERMISSION and ILLEGAL! Please report the offender immediately to local authorities!

This $1 find was quite a coincidence, 'cause I was carrying around a "Watch out, I'm sexy!" sign too!

 If Alyson were with with me, this would have been a MUST photo op!

Bring me the head of Sonny and Cher!

The rare Joker Eating Batman costume.

The Circle of Life.

If we had any wall space left...

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