Sunday, July 28, 2013

Flea Market Finds!

Just returned from my weekly(ish) trip to Wolff's Flea Market, so let me share the shopping highlights in order to save you the trouble of getting up at 5am on a Sunday morning!
Not all these were purchased. I find just snapping a pic saves me money
(plus I ran out of room years ago)!

First purchase- because I heart her thousand yard stare.

I don't know what Alfred is up too, but I felt a touch uncomfortable walking by.
I STILL get the creeps looking at this guy.
He's the younger generations version of clowns.

$2. Jus' sayin'!

I have a nagging feeling in the back of my head that there's something inappropriately "wrong" with this knick-knack.
Nah! I'm sure it's just my imagination!

I was leafing through this Big Little Book when the comic book light bulb lit up over my head. It's one of the sources of the swipes that made up one of the most iconic stories in history- the origin of Batman!

I'm wistfully reminded of my single days.

I used to ask, "Do you have any clown paintings?"
Now I have to say, "Do you have any clown painting paintings?"

I think Don and I could be great friends.
I also like to wear yellow plaid pants and drink!

Saving the best for last- an original by the 60s Big Eyed Master "Eden"!
Did I mention it was $10?
It was $10.

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