Thursday, January 24, 2013

T.U.K. Shoes + M.O'C Art = MAGIC!

Coming mid-Feburary 2013 to hip 'n happenin' fashionable footwear boutiques everywhere, the exclusive M.O'C line of womans designer shoes!

T.U.K. Shoes, known throughout the world as "The Best" in quality has teamed with Mitch O'Connell, "The World's Best Artist" to create the sexiest flats and heels of all time!

To make sure your local establishnent is well stocked, contact:

Whitney Hansen 
T.U.K. Inc. 
858-527-0494 Ext. 213 

This just in!
The Chicagoland premiere party will be at: 
Broken Cherry Boutique
1734 W. North Ave
Friday, March 1st

Details to follow!

Want your own FREE M.O'C TUK poster?
That's a rhetorical question ...of course you do!
Download an 11 by 17" full color version
with the censor dots on a seperate layer
by following the link below,
then print it out with or without those 3 blue circles (wink)!


  1. Do I can buy them at Walmart?

  2. Don't know about Walmart, but they'll be on their website within a week!