Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Dirty Show! Naughty Art for Naughty People (like you)!

Join me, Alyson Vetter, and our hitchhiker, artist and jewelery designer Kymm Chavers, as we set up shop and exhibit our smutty naughty perverted paintings at the World famous International Erotic Art Exhibition-
The Dirty Show
February 8th and 9th
(it runs longer, but those are the only nights we'll be there,
hence, the only days you'll want to attend)
Berts Warehouse Theatre
2739 Russell St.
Detroit, Michigan
Check out all the details at-

Plus! Check out the Facebook "Event" page at-

Because I love, download the file to your very own 11 by 17" M.O'C Dirty Show poster!
Print it out at home, Kinkos, make it a screensaver or ?
Oh, the thrills you'll have!

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