Thursday, January 10, 2013

Let's Go to the Wax Museum! Chills! Thrills! Oh My!

I heart wax museums!
Welcome to another "super-sized" blog that's sure to evolve over time, featuring what I consider the oddest examples of the wax kind. So far we're running the gamut from Tony Orlando and Dawn to a guy having his privates eaten by a rat in a cage attached to his crotch- each wonderful in their own way. I see possible examples in the vein of "What famous person is this supposed to be" to poorly rendered creations to collecting a pic of every single Nicolas Cage wax example. 
Oh what fun we'll have!

The food is great, but the view SUCKS!

A misunderstanding over the meaning of each cowpokes
handkerchief leads to possible gunplay.

I haven't forgotten Topless Thursday!

Other than that, how was your day?


  1. Me too big Mitch. No Cribbing! Jim Linderman

  2. Jim has the best blog around!
    Go visit it today!!

  3. Truly disturbing. But I can't look away.