Sunday, January 27, 2013

Helpful Hints for Raising Kids!

I've raised 2 kids, so let me pass along a few helpful tips for those contemplating, or dealing with the mischievous youth they already have.
First of all, if you don't want kids, stay away from doing String Art as a hobby. I thought this was a How To brochure for making string art with friends, but one thing lead to another.

Learn from my errors. Kids, always, Always, ALWAYS, keep off the clowns face!

Think of your own needs every once in awhile too!
Parents need a little "grown-up" time. Me? I like to spend at least 14 hours a day at the casino. I find that by the age of 5, children can pretty much take care of themselves.

Good advice!
Especially if you're being offered Necco Wafers or those chewy orange peanut things. Yuck!

Apparently kids like having dirty faces because BOY do they put up quite a fuss when you try to make them presentable.
In this case, parents know best!

As soon as I get a record player I'll have a sitdown moment with Kieran. Until that time comes- my stern advice to her is DON'T.
I'm in no rush to buy a phonograph.

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